AnDrew Brennan

Andrew is a real investor and joint venture specialist living in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Andrew co-authored The Ultimate Wealth Strategist.

Each year Andrew spends many hours actively involved in the real estate business to ensure investment partners benefit from his passion for real estate and expertise. Add the countless hours spent on education and you can see his commitment to be the best at what he does.

Palm Tree Investments specializes in the fix, re-finance and rent strategy. Palm Tree’s proven strategies force appreciation for our investment partners, while providing options of cash flow, equity or a combination of both.

Andrew and his team value honesty, integrity and the highest level of customer service possible. They continuously strive to create value for all our stake holders for a true win-win environment.


What stops people from Real Estate investing success is; fear, lack of motivation and not knowing what to do next. A detailed roadmap and a proven system is critical to overcoming all obstacles you will face in the rapidly changing world of Real Estate investing.

Whether it’s business, sales, sports, or Real Estate Investing the fine line between the top performers and everyone else typically comes down to one thing: access to the best coaches and mentors who provide you invaluable guidance, wisdom and support.

Specializing in Joint Venture Attraction and Raising Capital

One on One Coaching

Long Term Projects

Getting Educated

Experienced in all Components of Real Estate.

Multi family, single family conversions, student rentals, Fix and refinance, buy and hold, flips, strategic financing and most importantly raising capital.
Have completed more then 50 single family conversion projects to add 2nd suites.

Andrew’s Book

For years, independent investors have been told to stick with buy-and-hold investing and leave the big results to the big players. On the other hand, the real estate world is flooded with misinformation about the profit potential and success ratio of marginal investing strategies like flipping and rent-to-own. In Buy, Fix, Refinance, and Rent, authors Quentin D’Souza, Jeff Woods, and Andrew Brennan share the ultimate wealth strategy for independent real estate investors, which is based on the timeless active investment principles of value buying, value creation, and accelerated results. This book is for the investor that knows there is more potential in real estate than what they’ve seen before. In an easy-to-read storytelling style, this book will change your perception of what’s possible as an independent real estate investor and provides a simple step-by-step process to teach it. Read now and change your life for ever! Call 1-877-745-0157 today to hear a free recorded message from the authors.


Vendor Take-Backs, with Andrew Brennan

by Kevin Bunzeluk | Lifestyle Housing Radio

Vendor Take Back - Andrew Brennan

by Rene Masse | Real Talk Real Estate Radio

In this episode, Andrew discusses Vendor Take Back Mortgages. What they are and how to use them to buy more real estate.

Key Takeaways:

– What is a VTB mortgage?
– How to reduce your down payment with a VTB.
– VTB’s are more common with commercial.
– good terms and no bank qualifying!
– You will usually get a better rate than with private lenders.
– You have to make sure you have a plan to get out of the mortgage at the end of the term.
– It’s not what you pay, it’s what you make off the property.
– Your DCR may be impacted with your VTB second.
– How is your mortgage set up.
– Clauses to put in that offer comfort to the seller.
– How to sell your property with a VTB.
– What happens when a VTB is defaulted.
– It is an excellent strategy to drive ROI

Joint Venture Real Estate Investments with Andrew Brennan

by Sandy Mackay | Sandy Mackay's Album

What You Will Learn:

-How to invest in Canadian real estate using OPM (Other People’s Money)

-How to attract MONEY for your Canadian real estate investments

-What you need to look for in a potential Joint Venture Parter

-How to set up your Joint Venture Agreement

-What “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy” is and how you can utilize it

-How to make a 100%+ Return on Investment right here in Canada

-The ins and outs of renovating investment properties

-Why he doesn’t get out of bed for less than a 30% return on investment and how you can set yourself up to do the same

Zero to a hundred with Andrew Brennan

by George El Masri | WELL OFF PODCAST

On this episode, Andrew Brennan and I discuss:

-How losing his job lead to a full time investment career

-Owning 100 doors (mostly with JV partners)

-Vendor Takeback Mortgages

-How to find a JV partner

-The importance of business relationships and building a team

-The power of referrals

-The role of continuing education

-Applying the buy fix refinance strategy

-How to attract JV partners

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